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IATEFL Conference sponsorship
Why become a sponsor of IATEFL?
Sponsorship in the coming years is set to expand further. As markets become more cluttered, companies are finding fewer effective ways of communicating with their clients. Sponsorship can offer you a way out of this.

IATEFL has designed sponsorship packages for maximum exposure, to amplify your message to your target audience in a clear and concise manner, in a way that fosters dialogue. IATEFL uses the funds generated from each sponsorship to enhance the conference experience for our delegates, and in return, our sponsors are able to access an ELT specific focused market.

Is sponsorship right for my company?
There are plenty of opportunities for small businesses to get involved, not just with sponsorship packages, but also in general sponsorship. Each opportunity has been designed to create maximum impact for the sponsoring company. As no company is alike, no package is alike: remember that IATEFL is open to all suggestions and conversations about what your company needs out of a sponsorship package.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of sponsoring the IATEFL Conference, and the range of packages and options available, please contact Lisa or call on +44 (0)1795 591414.
Click here to view sponsorship opportunities for the 2018 IATEFL Conference in Brighton
Please contact Lisa for detailed statistical information on IATEFL conferences

Current 2018 sponsors
A big thank you to our new Sponsors for IATEFL Brighton 2018!
IATEFL Conference Programme and App
For more information about what Oxford University Press can offer you, please go to their website: www.elt.oup.com
Media lounge and charging booth
For more information about what Pearson Educaiton can offer you, please go to:www.pearsonelt.com
IATEFL Conference Selections
At Pilgrims we understand how difficult it can be for teachers and students to keep motivated and energised. Come and visit us for a chat to see how we can work together to inspire you, your teachers, students and colleagues. We look forward to meeting you!
For more information about what Pilgrims can offer you, please go to: www.pilgrims.co.uk
IATEFL Eco Sponsor
National Geographic Learning (part of Cengage Learning) is a leading provider of English Language Teaching materials. Our mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. With our English language programs, students learn about their world by experiencing it. Through our partnerships with National Geographic and TED, they develop the language and skills they need to be successful global citizens. We’ve got expert speakers, competitions, giveaways and materials you won’t want to put down!
For more information about National Geographic Learning, please go to: NGL.Cengage.com/elt
December brochure
For more information about what Macmillan Education can offer you, please go to:www.macmillanenglish.com
IATEFL would like to thank the following general sponsor for Brighton 2018:

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