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List of scholarships
Applications for scholarships for the 2018 IATEFL Conference are now closed. The table below shows the Scholarships which were open for applications for the 2018 IATEFL Conference and the names of the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to meeting you in Brighton!

Name of Scholarship Scholarship
2018 Scholarship Winner(s)
Africa view details Jean Asienzo, Abdelhadi Azrhirh and Marike Potgieter
Business English SIG Facilitator view details Alan Simpson
Cambridge English: Digital Teacher view details María Dolores Gómez
Cambridge English: Dr Peter Hargreaves view details Svetlana Bogolepova
Cambridge English: John Trim view details Natalia Guerreiro
English Language Centre Brighton - Robert O’Neill view details Belen Albarracin and Adriana Woiciechowski
English Language Centre Eastbourne - Graham Smith view details Julieta Cabrera and Minh Nguyen Thi Phuong
Express Publishing view details Sirhajwan Idek
Gillian Porter Ladousse view details Elena Oncevska Ager
Global Issues SIG - Esther Lucas view details Anastasia Khodakova
IATEFL Bill Lee view details Nora Tartsay Nemeth
IATEFL Gill Sturtridge First-time Speaker view details Sidra Niaz
IATEFL Latin America view details Sergio Iván Durand
IATEFL Ray Tongue view details Venkatraman Rajasekaran
IELTS - Morgan Terry view details Anh Ngoc Dinh Nhu
Leadership and Management SIG view details Bruna Caltabiano
Learning Technologies SIG - Diana Eastment view details Julia Koifman
Learning Technologies SIG - Roving Reporter view details Elisa Effendy
LT123 Brazil State Sector view details Kyria Finardi
Macmillan Education view details Saima Abedi and Julia Alivertis
NATESOL Teacher Development view details Steve Dodd
Teacher Development SIG - Michael Berman view details Gerhard Erasmus
The Creativity Group view details Sikha Gurung
Trinity College London Language Examinations view details Santosh Mahapatra
Trinity College London Teacher Trainer view details Peter Browning and Dalia Elhawary

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