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Scholarship FAQs
If the answer to your question is not included below or you would like some more information, please contact IATEFL Head Office.

When is the application deadline for a scholarship? 
The application deadline for the 2020 conference scholarships was 16.00 (UK time) Thursday 4th July 2019. Applications cannot be submitted after this time. The deadline cannot be adjusted even if you experienced technical difficulties. 

How many scholarships can I apply for? 
It is best to put in one or two carefully written scholarship applications but you are allowed to apply for any scholarship for which you meet the necessary requirements. You can only submit ONE speaker proposal so make sure your proposed talk or workshop is relevant to all the scholarships you apply for. Submitting more than one speaker proposal will invalidate your application. 

Do I have to be an IATEFL member to apply for a scholarship? 
Some scholarships require you to be an individual member of IATEFL and other scholarships are open to any ELT professional. The guidelines of each scholarship will give you the information. Please note, it is not possible to apply for member-only scholarships with an Associate or Institutional membership.
If you would like to become a member before you begin your scholarship application please visit https://members.iatefl.org. Please note that it can take up to 2 working days for your membership to be activated once we receive your payment.

Do I have to give a talk or workshop to get a scholarship? 
Some scholarships require a presentation and some don't. The guidelines of each scholarship will give you this information. If a presentation is required, remember you can only submit ONE speaker proposal so make sure your proposed talk or workshop is relevant to all the scholarships you apply for. Submitting more than one speaker proposal will invalidate your application.
If you are a member of IATEFL you cannot submit your proposal with your scholarship application, you must submit it through the usual Conference booking page.

How do I continue an application I have already started?
It is possible to begin your application, save it and return at a later date to complete it. When you want to return, head back to the start of the application process and click “I have already started an application”. You will need your scholarship registration code to access what you have already entered and if you are a member of IATEFL you will need to make sure you have logged in. If you have lost your scholarship registration code, please email [email protected].
If you started your application and the deadline has since passed, you will not be able to submit your completed application.

How often can I win a scholarship? 
Once every 4 years but winning more than once would be very unlikely.

Can I win the same scholarship more than once? 
No, you can't. 

When will I get the results? 
The results will be emailed to all applicants between Tuesday 27th August and Friday 6th September 2019. Remember to check your emails regularly during this time as you will need to confirm your acceptance of the scholarship as soon as you receive the email. Please do not contact the IATEFL Head Office about the decisions; the Scholarship Committee will send everyone the results as soon as they are available. 

Who decides who the winners are? 
Each scholarship is decided by a different panel of experienced judges whose decisions are final. The Scholarship Committee is sorry but it cannot issue reasons for the results because there are so many applicants the workload would be overwhelming. 

How will I receive the award if I win?
The money will be awarded to you at the Scholarship Winners' Gathering on the first day of the Conference. If your award includes a membership of IATEFL this will be activated following the conference.

Please note, the deadline for applying for Scholarships for the 2020 Conference has now passed.
It is no longer possible to submit your application.
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