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Pronunciation and
Teacher Training & Education SIGs
Joint Pre-Conference Event

Pronunciation in Teacher Education
It is widely recognised that pronunciation is a crucial component of language proficiency and that any teaching programme which focuses on speaking and listening skills should include a focus on phonology. However, many courses include inadequate coverage of pronunciation, for example concentration on sounds at the expense of connected speech, and a limited methodology, for example over-reliance on listen and repeat drills. One reason for this is that teachers themselves lack confidence in how to teach pronunciation and come from backgrounds where the training they have received has marginalised phonology.

The purpose of this joint PCE is to provide a snapshot of the issues involved in preparing teachers to develop a practical pronunciation pedagogy. It will appeal to trainers and trainer-trainers who need to understand the needs of their course participants and it will also be valuable to classroom teachers who want to construct a more coherent framework for pronunciation instruction.

The day will consist of talks and workshops led by experts who cross the fields of pronunciation and teacher education. Themes which will be explored during the day include:
  • What are the priorities in teaching pronunciation?
  • What methodologies are most effective and how can they be communicated to teachers?
  • How does pronunciation integrate with the rest of the curriculum?
  • What materials and resources are available to teachers and trainers?
  • What is the role of technology in teaching and training pronunciation?
  • What can teachers do to feel more comfortable as models of pronunciation?
  • What are the recent trends and controversies in pronunciation?
At the end of the day participants will come away with a combination of theory and practical ideas which they can take away to use for both training and teaching purposes. We hope you will join us in Brighton for what promises to be a very informative and exciting day.

For a look at the detailed programme and information about the speakers for the day, click here.
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