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Literature and Materials Writing Joint PCE
Creative Arts and Materials Writing

Most teachers who use texts taken from the arts – be they literary, visual or musical – create activities to accompany them, and many of these teachers create materials for publication, or would like to know more about how to do this. Similarly, professional materials writers often incorporate creative materials into their publications, or would like to explore how to do so. This joint event is, therefore, a marvellous opportunity to share expertise and experience.

We are delighted to announce that our day will begin with a talk by David Crystal, who will argue for the integration of the study of language and literature into English language courses. Anyone who has heard Professor Crystal speak before will know that we can expect an insightful, stimulating and entertaining beginning to the day.

The event continues with a rich and varied programme:
  • learning from the literary greats: encouraging creativity in the materials writer and the learner
  • creating materials for teaching extracts from Shakespeare
  • using contemporary stories and poems: the BritLit project and teacher-generated resources
  • using artistic images to generate imaginative responses and creative work
  • graded readers: adapting classics vs writing original stories and pitching ideas to publishers
  • developing materials based on plays, films and scripts which practise skills other than reading.

Our speakers are:

  • David Crystal, Language BLANK Literature: from conjunction to preposition
  • Christina Klein Wolf and Eduardo Wolf, Shakespeare for language and literature students: choosing extracts, designing
  • Cheryl Palin, Taking a leaf out of the books of great writers
  • Alan Pulverness, BritLit: teachers doing it for themselves
  • Hania Krystyna Bociek, The art of it all…. paintings to inspire your material
  • Alice Savage & Walton Burns, Play with language: teaching communication skills with theatre and video scripts
  • Helen Holwill & Nicola Prentis, How to write Graded Readers (a.k.a. Get paid to write fiction)

Our packed joint PCE day promises to provide networking opportunities and plenty of inspirational ideas to take away. We look forward to seeing you there.  

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