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Migrant narratives in the EFL and ESOL classroom
Jointly organised by the Global Issues and Literature SIGs
In our joint PCE, we want to address a phenomenon which is an ever more pressing part of our contemporary world: migration. The reasons why people migrate are many and varied, and we shall try to include the narratives of as many kinds of ‘people on the move’ as possible, from emigrants and immigrants to refugees and asylum seekers, and even people who opt for ‘return migration’.

Our day will include looking at migrants’ experiences as narrated in ‘diaspora literature’, works written by authors living outside their native country but whose writings are in some way related to their country of origin. But we intend to consider a wide range of media in our observation of experiences of migration: the novel, poetry and drama; film and television; visual arts; genre writing (popular literature such as thrillers and detective stories, and young adult fiction).

Pedagogy will be an important feature of our day: how to bring migrant narratives into the classroom, and how to use literature, art and media to promote social inclusion. To this end we’ll talk about using and creating appropriate materials, and suggest techniques suitable for teaching that involves migrant narratives, notably storytelling and creative writing. In our pedagogical considerations we will bear in mind that the teacher might be teaching about migration, or teaching to migrants, or indeed both.

In due course we will assemble a programme of speakers, but we hope that even now you’ll agree that the day seems very stimulating!
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Date and Time
Friday 17 April 2020, 10.00-17.00
Manchester Central, Windmill St, Manchester, M2 3GX, UK
Please note, the cost does not include lunch
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