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Meeting challenges and exploring solutions in the ESOL classroom

The field of teaching ES(O)L is growing at an urgent pace and ES(O)L practitioners are required to navigate many challenges and issues in the classroom that are framed and impacted by external factors such as  migration and globalization. Our PCE theme is aimed at examining some of the most pressing issues in our field, providing a space for networking and discussion, and also sharing practical ideas for our classrooms.

Presentations and Workshops:

Dr.Mike Chick will discuss the contextual challenges that ES(O)L practitioners currently face. Basing his talk on research carried out in Wales, he will share the lessons he has learnt about ESOL in the UK and make the case for creating a more unified ESOL profession, reinforcing Simpson and Cooke’s (2009) call for practitioners to ensure that they are informed and organized. This call has never been more relevant than during this current populist political climate.

Jenifah Abu-Hassan will explore the challenge of how ESOL practitioners can take a sensitive subject such as feminism into the class without creating tension among learners.

Johanna Stirling will present five strategies and ideas on how to provide weak spellers with the support that they need and which grew out of Johanna's research into how spelling is taught to native-speaker children, people with dyslexia, illiterate adults, and in ELT and ESOL.

Emily Bryson will run a workshop on how to create accessible learning materials for the ES(O)L classroom, which inspire and support learners with a range of educational backgrounds and literacy levels.

Philida Schellekens will look at activities which address the very difficult challenges that multilevel classrooms presents.¬† She will suggest ideas that will ensure teachers can meet students’ individual needs and examine the question of how to differentiate tasks for classrooms.

We will end the day with final thoughts, a panel discussion and networking.
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