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Frequently asked questions

What are the dates of the conference?
2-5 April 2019, PCEs 1 April 2019. Dates for future conferences can be found here.

How do I book for the conference?

Conference booking will open Friday 1st June 2018.

Do I have to pay the conference fee when booking or can I pay later?
No, you do not need to pay when submitting your online booking, there is an option on the Payment page to ‘pay offline’. It is possible to return to your booking at a later date or you can pay onsite when you arrive at the conference.

Will I get a refund if I have to cancel my booking?
We refund 50% of your payment if your cancellation is received by us before 1 March 2019. Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

I need an invitation to the conference, how can I get one?
Invitation letters are only for overseas delegates who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. When you make an online booking you can request an invitation letter: this option is featured on the first page after you have completed your personal details. If you forgot to request one please contact us.

Will I get a certificate of attendance at conference?
All delegates and speakers are able to print out their own certificate at conference by scanning the barcode on their conference badge. This will be located by the IATEFL Registration Desk and is available anytime once you have your badge and until 12.00 on the final day of the conference (5 April 2019). 

I’d like to apply for a scholarship to attend IATEFL’s conference, what should I do?
Scholarship applications for the Liverpool 2019 conference will be open between Friday 1st June and 4pm (UK time) Thursday 12th July. Please go to the Scholarship page to see the list of availble scholarships and start your application.

What childcare options are available to me whilst I am attending the conference?
IATEFL does not offer childcare facilities for delegates. This is based on a detailed study of the implications in terms of safeguarding, space requirements, staffing, level of demand and requests over previous years, and the implications on delegate fees that would be a result of offering such a service. If you would like to find out about local childcare options, please visit the Liverpool City Council website.

I need an invoice before I can pay, what should I do?
You can either request this on the last page of your conference booking (before you have submitted it) or simply email finance@iatefl.org

Why do you hold the IATEFL Annual Conference in the UK?
Since IATEFL started in 1967 there have been a few IATEFL Annual Conferences held in European countries but, due to popular demand, normally this event is held in the UK. We have found that the majority of delegates attending from overseas enjoy coming to the UK to experience the UK culture and to practice their English and in many cases have found it easier to secure a visa for the UK over other countries.
We do hold other events throughout the year around the world, and these are generally led by our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Sometimes these are stand-alone events but they are often in conjunction with local Teacher Associations or organisations such as the British Council. These can be found on the SIG events page.

Why do I need to be a member of IATEFL to submit a proposal to speak at the IATEFL Conference?
Being able to submit a proposal to speak at the IATEFL conference is only possible for IATEFL members.
Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Submitting a speaker proposal is seen, and clearly promoted, as a clear benefit of being a member of the association. IATEFL is a self-funding, non-profit organisation run for the benefit of its members.
  • IATEFL sees the conference as a professional development opportunity which it offers as part of its member benefits along with, for example, having an article published in one of its publications or applying to present a webinar.
  • It is hoped that those who wish to present at the conference are not doing so purely for personal interest, but also as part of a professional community of which they wish to be a part.
  • IATEFL supports the wider EFL community with respect of the conference in significant ways, by: welcoming non-members to attend, having the Exhibition open (and free of charge) to all, by offering many scholarships to non-members to attend (and for many, to speak at) the conference, and also through live streaming and recording parts of the conference, including all plenaries, and making these available free online.
  • The cost of joining IATEFL and the subsequent member discount for the conference is purposely kept lower than the cost of attending as a non-member. One reason for this is to provide members with access to the many other year-round benefits of being a member of IATEFL.
  • IATEFL offers members of over 120 national ‘IATEFL Associate’ teaching associations reduced cost membership enabling their members a cheaper route to joining IATEFL and consequently being able to apply to speak at conference. Additional charitable initiatives of the Wider Membership Scheme and the Wider Individual Membership Scheme make this membership route even more accessible for many.

This policy is regularly reviewed by the IATEFL board of trustees, who believe that it continues to be in line with IATEFL’s mission.


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