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Frequently asked questions

How do I book for the conference?
Please click here to book. Please note that incomplete bookings are automatically deleted after 30 days. Make sure you press 'submit' to preserve your booking.
Online booking closes on 15 March 2017 and the IATEFL Office will be fully committed to conference arrangements from early March 2017. Unless we receive your online booking by 15 March 2017, you will need to book on arrival at the venue.

European funding might be possible to help with conference attendance costs. For details, visit the Education and Training website at http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/.

Terms and conditions
Click here to view our terms and conditions for our Glasgow 2017 conference.

I can’t select the ‘speaker’ button under ‘Delegate Type’
The speaker proposal submission for Glasgow 2017 has now closed.

Why does my Member ID not work?
It could be that your membership password is incorrect - please contact the office for help. If you have the correct details perhaps your membership has expired - if you need to renew please allow up to 48 hours for the process to be completed. If you are using an institutional membership it may be that the number has already been used by the maximum number of 4 delegates/speakers - contact the office to confirm this.

Do I have to pay the conference fee when booking or can I pay later?
No, you do not need to pay when submitting your online booking. There is an option on the Payment page to ‘pay offline’. Speakers must pay by 16.00 GMT 15 December 2016. Unpaid speakers will be removed from the programme.
Non-speaker delegates should note that the early bird payment date is 16:00 GMT 12 January 2017.

Please note that incomplete bookings are automatically deleted after 30 days. Make sure you press 'submit' to preserve your booking.

Cancellation policy
We refund 50% of your payment if your cancellation is received by us before 1 March 2017. Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

I haven’t had confirmation of my conference booking yet, when should I expect it?
Once full payment has been received we will email you a registration acknowledgement. During our busier times (October onwards) it might take a little longer to email your confirmation. However, we make every effort to do this as quickly as possible so please bear with us. Your patience is appreciated.
Please note that incomplete bookings are automatically deleted after 30 days. Make sure you press 'submit' to preserve your booking.

I need an invitation to the conference, how can I get one?

Invitation letters are only for overseas delegates who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. When you make an online booking you can request an invitation letter: this option is featured on the first page after you have completed your personal details. If you forgot to request one please email the office.

Will I get a certificate of attendance at conference?
All delegates and speakers are able to print out their own certificate at conference by scanning the barcode on their conference badge. This is located by the IATEFL Registration desk and is available anytime once you have your badge and until 12.00 on the final day of the conference (7 April 2017).

I’d like to apply for a scholarship to attend IATEFL’s conference, what should I do?
Scholarship applications for the Glasgow 2017 conference are now closed. Please look out for the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for our 2018 conference in Brighton.

Can I access my online conference record once it has been submitted?
If incomplete, please go online and click 'continue previously started booking' and enter your booking code (included in your email correspondence from IATEFL). If submitted, you can go online to add a PCE, make a payment or print your booking information. If you wish to amend/cancel your booking you can email the office.

I think I’ve paid twice, what should I do?
Contact finance@iatefl.org with as much detail as you can, and we will investigate this for you.

I need an invoice before I can pay, what should I do?
You can either request this on the last page of your conference booking (before you have submitted it) or simply email finance@iatefl.org.

I would like all documentation to be sent to my institution/school/workplace etc.
Please ensure you fill in the address and email of your institution/school/workplace etc when completing your personal details.  We will send all communications to your email address and postal address as it appears on your conference record. Please type carefully.

What are the dates of the conference?
Glasgow 4-7 April 2017, PCEs 3 April 2017. Dates for future conferences can be found here.

Why do you hold the IATEFL Annual Conference in the UK?
Since IATEFL started in 1967 there have been a few IATEFL Annual Conferences held in European countries but normally this event is held in the UK. We have found that the majority of delegates attending from overseas enjoy coming to the UK to experience the UK culture and to practice their English and in many cases have found it easier to secure a visa for the UK over other countries.
The IATEFL Annual Conference is also pretty big with up to 3,000 delegates attending, 20 academic sessions running at any one time, evening events, a large ELT exhibition and a Jobs Market. It takes a lot of organisation and requires our Head Office staff, who are based in the UK, to be in constant contact with the venue and to have a number of site visits and meetings to make all the necessary arrangements. Logistically, this is easier to arrange and therefore to ensure the delegates have the best possible experience, if the event is also in the UK.
We do hold other events during the year around the world and these are generally led by our SIGs. Sometimes these are stand-alone events but they are often in conjunction with local Teacher Associations or organisations such as the British Council. These can be found on the SIG events page.


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